Thank you very much for you visit!

I am Tiessina, a Dutch artist, nice to ‘meet’ you! You can find some of my works and a little about me. If you would like my work for your home, office or otherwise I added links to where my work can be purchased ♥

Mixed materials work 2021:

My new work can be purchased at my Etsy store. Please note I don’t have a solid amount of works on Etsy, only new work, when ready, will be sold there.

Digital Art

A mix of real landscapes, dreams, colors and technique results in my new collection of art. The 2022 collection will be named Dream of Spring. You can find more Digital Artwork in here. I sell some of my pieces as NFT’s. Check out my pages on Mintable and Opensea

A few older works: Cubes Blue, Fall and Fireworks 2

More to come soon!

If you are interested in my work, or want a work created in specific colors or size, contact me.