My designs? They’re mood swings on a canvas! A peek into my heart, a mix of past dreams and future wishes. I’m that artist, always dreaming, always creating something new ♥

Be intrigued, be different. Be unique.

Painting My Dreams

Fast forward, and my vibrant digital art (under the name Hedwig, of course!) took flight. Galleries in Barendrecht and Schagen (Netherlands) displayed my work, my website buzzed with colorful creations, and my paintings traveled the world. On the side, I shared the artistic love by leading workshops.

But the artistic compass always points you where you need to go. I took a break to find a style that truly reflected me. Nature’s beauty inspires me, bold colors make my heart sing, and getting lost in a painting – well, that’s like a mind trip…..

So, what’s next? Experimentation, pushing boundaries, mixing different materials (think nature finds!), and creating art that’s anything but boring. ✨ In 2022, the digital siren song called again. Now, I’m using technology to weave dreams into reality, blending styles and colors!

From Brushstrokes to Pixels